Beware of Banking Fraudulent Activities

In the last few months, the surge in SMS/Call/E-mail forging is on the top and these thugs have now been counterfeiting their Contact information so that they can fool anyone without having a glimpse of doubt.  Bank often tell their Customers all the time that they didn’t call to them for any personal details like Card number or OTP but still these fraudulent are fooling people so easily. One may can visit the branch to report that such kind of fraud happened to him but why not aware at the first place.  You Can find many of such complaints floating around the internet. You must have heard that precaution is better than cure so why not learn more to make sure that such thing will never happen to you or to your acquaintance.  

Luckily, On the occasion of #SBIComputerSecurityDay, State Bank of India is here to help users to tackle such fraudulent activities. SBI is providing some tips on how to safely use IT relating to various channels:   a) While using Debit Cards –

  1. Take utmost care of your ATM PIN; do not share with anyone; keep changing it at regular intervals; do not write ATM PIN at any place.
  2. Keep the PIN a little complex and not as 1212, 4545, 1112,
  3. as guessable ones.
  4. Never give your card to waiter at Restaurants. Go yourself to the Payment Counter and get the card swiped in your presence.
  5. While doing “online” transactions, be sure of the Security of the Internet Connection. To the extent possible, do not use Public WIFI or other Free WIFI.
  6. Do not get enticed by free offers and swipe/part with your Card data.
  7. Do not share “mother’s maiden name”, “your pet’s name” kind of vital information given by you as answers for “Security Questions” for resetting of passwords.
  8. Use ON/OFF facility provided for managing Debit Card’s international usage.
  1. b) AS TO “VISHING CALLS” – Please beware, Bank never calls you asking for any sensitive data. Malicious actors may either entice you or threaten you and ask for sensitive information. Please exercise caution in respect of all telephone calls if they are leading to information involving your financial transactions.  
  2. c) While using INTERNET BANKING Channel –
  1. Keep your User ID and Password confidential; Do not share with any one; Keep a STRONG PASSWORD – unfortunately, many people select simple passwords that are easy to remember, which are also easy for the cyber criminals to crack; Change the Password periodically; Keep your login and profile passwords distinct from each other;
  2. Do not use INB using insecure internet, like Public WIFI or any Free WIFI in Coffee shops, Airports etc.; execute all your financial transactions on secure channels only.
  3. Register your mobile number in the Bank accounts for SMS Alerts.
  4. Do not keep more than required limits for beneficiaries for money transfer.  
  5. Never share OTP/CVV and Password with anyone.
  6. Logout properly and immediately on completion of your session / task.
  7. Check your statements and transaction history regularly.    

The Saying is the same “ Savdhani hati, Durghatna ghati” so take your steps with caution even when you are digital.


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