Accessories for Healthy Sex Life

The idea of safer sex has been explored in ancient and modern history, and has been used to prevent venereal diseases.
In modern era, We took the next revolution by using Products which gives us both Pleasure & prevention.
Nowadays, Peoples have different moods with different definitions of Pleasures and Desires during Intercourse. Therefore we have a lot of Products in the market today which provide us Protection and sexual Willingness.
Some of these common Products are :

1. Condoms :

It’s a  contraceptive barrier device which covers a Man’s penis during the intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancies and transmission of STD’s.

These are the most cost-effective way with a success Rate of 98%.
Condoms comes with Different sizes, shapes, Designs and flavours also & are made to give extreme pleasure to you and your mate with Protection.

2. Personal Lubricants :

When we come to think about sex, we make sure that everything goes smoothly to achieve ultimate pleasure. Lubricants can be commonly used by women with vaginal dryness.
Lubricant can make intercourse more comfortable providing more pleasurable experience for women.
General​ Researches have shown that lubricant reduces the chance of sexually transmitted infections by making the vaginal area more slippery, thus cutting down on the risk of tiny tears that promote the transmission of infectious agents.

3. Vibrating Rings :

The Vibrating ring is sort of an erection Ring but with a small vibrator on it.
It is used to enhance an erection and orgasm by restricting the blood flow. This makes the Penis harder, bigger & more sensitive. the vibrator on the ring makes sex more pleasurable by stimulating both you & your partner’s sensuality.

Make sure to Use the right size. Wearing it incorrectly or using the wrong size can result in Priapism.

You can use the Vibrating rings with condoms without any problem.
Tip : Make sure to Shave Your Scrotum & use wet hand or Lube on your Penis before putting it on coz if the ring is make of Latex or Silicone, it’s easy to get hair stuck or pulled out which causes unnecessary Pain.

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